#SheQuotes on counting your blessings #Quote #life #gratitude #attitude


#SheQuotes on counting your blessings #Quote #life #gratitude #attitude


Carolyn count your blessings


My life, like everyone else’s is challenging. It is also full of blessings and magic. The other morning, I expressed my gratitude to a friend I’ve never met, but who is an angel in my life. I wrote:

I love you because you are so smart and witty and authentic and funny and such a great writer and you are so engaged with life. And creative. You are so creative! And funky. and I love you and C. as a pair. I’m just so proud of you and am really really grateful for your support. I just want you to know all that. I think you are amazing. Really. I am fortunate to have such fab friends worldwide. People I have never met who are in my life put there by angels. I am really lucky. I couldn’t survive without the support I get from you and many others. I really thank you from my whole heart. The up side of social media. Imagine – we randomly met on Twitter years ago… Life is interesting that’s for sure!

I count my blessing every day. And I let them know.

Thanks to urban caravan photography for the thought-provoking pic <3

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