#SheQuotes Kathleen Taylor on lessons from the dying 


Kathleen Taylor stop bullshitting


Dying is top of my mind these days. That means LIVING is even more so. Synchronistically, Scott Distasio whom I don’t know from a hole in the wall randomly sent me (the other day via AmazingWomenRock.com) a link to this 2012 TEDxTampaBay talk by Kathleen Taylor. Clearly I was meant to share it with you:




Be A Queen: Own Your Power And Glory

We All Make Herstory in Our Own Way

Here’s To The Crazy Ones: Let’s Emulate

Fitting In Is Vastly Overrated, It’s Proven

Here’s To Being A Crazy One. A Misfit. A Rebel. And A Square Peg In A Round Hole.

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