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Maya Angelou life's a bitch kick assSheQuotes showcases historical and contemporary quotes by famous, infamous, and “ordinary” amazing women worldwide. Our mission is to amplify the voice of women around the globe.

Besides being inspiring, many of our SheQuotes quotes are also courageous, comedic and sometimes controversial.

Our quotes aficionados hail from Mexico to the Maldives and they love SheQuotes quotes – so will you! As of April 2013, SheQuotes has a Twitter following of 40,000+ and Facebook fan page with 11,000+ likes (hop on over and follow/like both!).

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We hope that as more women’s quotes become more readily available, more women will find their own voice and share their feminine wisdom with us and through us with the world. And we will all kick ass from here to kingdom come.

We also hope that more women AND men will quote women as frequently as they now do men (and that’s a lot in case you haven’t noticed!).

“You don’t have to rich and famous to have wisdom worth sharing.”

@AmazingSusan, Creator & Curator, SheQuotes

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