Michelle Combs wears what she wants #SheQuotes #Quote #aging #style #confidence #beauty #fashion #fifty

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    • Pleasure – that is one rockin’ post! Love love love it. The meme will share well and you should get some traffic – brava and thanks for the comment <3

  • Brilliant post! I was told recently that “You are too old to have more than one set of holes for earrings” since when did anyone become too old to have more? I have 3 in my lobes and two cartilage piercings, I love them, and my (rather small) tattoos. I adore my “hippy” boho way of dressing and my home is beautiful vintage shabby chic, but apparently I am “too old” to live like a throwback. I grew up in the sixties and love the retro look, being me is fun, and my 5 grandchildren adore me, the Nanny who has pink/blue/lilac hair! They never know what colour it will be ! Other people’s opinions are just that, and are not important to me, I am happy with being me and so are my family.

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