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  • Unfortunately there are no sources to confirm that Marilyn Monroe ever said this, and it is also not in line with her character, as frequently in her life, when she was betrayed, she would cut the person from her life altogether.

    The other quotes attributed to her on your site are all ones that have identifiable sources from interviews. It is a shame this one doesn’t have the authenticity though.

    • Hmmm. As far as I know, there are no sources to say she DIDN’T say it. It’s actually not a poster that I built myself. Do you have evidence to indicate who may have said or written it?

      Also, I’m a bit perplexed as to why this quote has two comments when the hundreds of others quotes on this site have none to speak of.

      Do you and April VeVea know each other? And why are you so concerned about the accuracy of this particular quote?

      • No we do not know one another. This has been shared in multiple groups and it is rediculous to have to keep saying why it’s fake.

        You have 238 shares but how many of those are actually people who believe it or people who have spent years researching her?

        What reliable source do you have that says she said it? None because this is extremely against her character. Marilyn was someone who held a grudge. If she felt wronged by someone she would cut them off. None because this quote has just made the rounds over the past year and has no original source. This was probably made by a 16 year old girl. Your other quotes are very easily traced to her. This? Absolutely not a Marilyn quote and casts doubt on anything you post.

  • well, as I said you may be right. I didn’t produce this quote, I shared it. I’m not particularly invested in it one way or the other.

    So what is it that you want? That I should take it down?

    • Hi Susan, thanks so much for getting back on this. I hope that my message didn’t cause offence, it is just that as a big fan of MM, and constantly seeing fake quotes going around online, that only serve to dilute the truth of who she really was, and what she was about, I just wanted to bring it to your attention, rather than pass blame etc etc. Here’s a useful link that shows how there is a proliferation of them doing the rounds…

      All of your other MM quotes on here are authentic as well by the way 🙂

      p.s. sorry for not replying sooner – hadn’t clicked to get notifications of new comments, so only just seen this!

      • Thanks Gabriella. I’m not in the least bit offended. On the contrary. I’ve replaced the meme and put in an explanation.

        If you want to put together a post like the buzzfeed one, I could post it on SheQuotes as something different from what I normally do – e.g. 10 quotes Marilyn Monroe never said or something like that. Let me know. Thanks again, Susan

        • That’s wonderful – thank you! I’d really love to put a post together, though would it be ok to put a sort of “What she did say” vs “What she didn’t say” – just as those like me who adore her, would far rather there are lots more of her real quotes doing the rounds! What is the formatting you prefer for these in terms of font etc? And what email address should I send them to? Thanks again for this! Gabriella

  • Hi Gabriela,

    That sounds great.

    I also run a website called and what I suggest is you do a guest blog post for with links back to quotes on she quotes, and maybe a few picture quotes within the guest blog post as well. If there’s enough maybe we could even do a series…?

    Marilyn on sex, Marilyn on fame, Marilyn on marriage, I don’t know what the categories might be I’m not an expert on Marilyn but it seems you are 🙂

    If you have Skype, we could talk about the details – much easier than writing back-and-forth.

    My Skype address is: amazingwomenrockme

    my email address is:

    I don’t have any money to pay you as I run all my sites not-for-profit and more as a hobby… but of course I’m happy to give you credit, and to link back to your blog or website or whatever 🙂

    Let me know if you want to go ahead, Susan

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