Rosa Luxemburg on freedom #SheQuotes #quotes #revolution #freedom #rights


Rosa Luxemburg on freedom #SheQuotes #quotes #revolution #freedom #rights


Rosa Luxemburg


This quote was mentioned in a tweet today in the #TEDGlobal 2014 stream, and for many reasons it stopped me dead in my tracks.

Surprisingly, I’d never heard of Rosa Luxemburg (or perhaps I’d forgotten about hearing of her) and I know I have never heard the quote because these words would definitely have padlocked themselves to my mind and thrown away the key.

Yes. The quote is that powerful for me.

Rosa Luxemburg, thank you.


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  • So, so true! And, in that moving about, damn it HURTS, but then one if one is truly Awakening, realizes things aren’t as they should be, nor how we want them to be, so we MOVE PAST THE HURT, and finally are able to reMOVE those damn chains!

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