#SheQuotes on repairing broken you #Quote #healing #love #self #esteem


#SheQuotes on repairing broken you #Quote #healing #love #self #esteem


#SheQuotes on hugging yourself


So. I stumbled across a version of the upper part of this quote. It said: “Someday someone is going to hug you…” blah blah. I shared it on the @SheQuotes FB page; it generated a slew of comments such as:

  • I wish they would hurry up I’m tired of feeling broken everyday
  • what you did for me baby!
  •  Hope it is soon
  • I hope so.
  • I just told my daughter the other day, that I was waiting on a hug. Hope I don’t die waiting.
  • Waiting patiently ♡
  • I wish!

And I thought”: “Wait a minute! WTF are we doing waiting around for someone to make us whole!?” Uh. NO! That’s OUR job. It’s OUR job to make ourselves whole. And that’s where the revised quote above comes from. Just in case you were wondering… 😉


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