#SheQuotes on being single #Quote #women #self #esteem #confidence #power


#SheQuotes on being single #Quote #women #self #esteem #confidence #power


#SheQuotes yes I am single


Why are single women in most societies looked upon as pariahs, people to be pitied or rescued, or paired or matched or FIXED somehow?

Yes, there are some of us who would prefer to be in “partnerships,” but for one reason or another are not. There are some of us who are are open to the possibility of having a “significant other,” but who are also happy with our life the way it is. There are others who prefer to be alone, and want to remain that way.

Whatever our singular circumstance, there is nothing “wrong” with us because we are unattached. If you think there is, think again. We are amazing. We are powerful. We are living lives worth living. Are you?


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