#SheQuotes on conquering fear #Quote #fear #courage #determination


#SheQuotes on conquering fear #Quote #fear #courage #determination


#SheQuotes on way around fear


This may sound scary, but actually it’s not. Because going through your fear is really just exercising your ability to be the best you can be. And invariably, once you’re on the other side, you realize that which you feared wasn’t as scary as you thought it was. Plus, you are stronger, better and more capable to face the next challenge.

Make fear your friend. Hey! That’s another quote!


Life Can Be Scary. It’s OK To Feel Afraid.

The Margaret Moth Story: FEARLESS (or: A Heroine Just Walked Into My Life)

You Don’t Have To Be Shot At To Be Brave

Run Like A Wolf Toward Your Fears! (1 minute video)

Here’s a relevant two-part interview I did with CBC radio on caring for my Alzheimer’s Mom:



Deciding to take on that caregiving role was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done! I blog about it here.