Fight the good fight. ~ #SheQuotes #Quote #power #strength #courage #determination #success


Fight the good fight. ~ #SheQuotes #Quote #power #strength #courage #determination #success


SheQuotes fight the good fight



I really empathize with women who have been raped and abused and who try to tell their stories and are then accused and vilified and blamed for the violence and abuse. It seems inconceivable that this should happen, but it does. Again and again and again.

I find myself in a similar situation. I get it.

It’s soul destroying when your truth doesn’t seem to matter when pitted against others’ needs for power and control and systems that favour those who wield them while holding in contempt those who are either weak or vulnerable or unable for whatever reason to make their voices heard.

We must not give up trying to make our voices heard and exposing those who would abuse the weak and the vulnerable.

It is simply unimaginable that we should give up. We may pay the price with our own individual lives, but the far greater price we would pay if we gave up is beyond contemplating.

If all else fails, remember 1) what goes around comes around, and 2) winning takes many different forms. I believe in taking the moral high ground and licking my wounds rather than compromising my values.


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